Third party services

Third Party Services

    Quality Assurance

    Quality inspection is crucial for both seller and buyer to ensure that the product meets specified quality standards and complies with international regulations for timely custom clearance. We provide quality assurance service to provide our customers peace of mind while buying or selling goods from the global market.

    Benefits of Quality Assurance

  • Eliminate the risk of late shipments

  • Assurance of the product conformity with set industrial standards

  • Confirmation that correct quantities are being exported.

  • Minimize the amount of Defective Merchandise

  • Reduction in Customers Complaints.

  • Guarantee that the agreed quality and quality of product shipped as on purchase orders and letter of credit.

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cargo insurance

    Cargo Insurance Service

    We provide Cargo insurance services to protect client shipment against the risk of financial loss, physical damage, and legal disputes while shipping via land, sea, or air. At EXIM Anything, we take pride in delivering unparalleled customer service with tailor-made and cost-effective insurance solutions to save their time and money. Connect with our insurance experts and know what kind of insurance is best for your overseas shipment.

    Benefits of Cargo Insurance:

  • Minimizes your transportation-related risks

  • Door-to-door insurance coverage

  • Coverage specific to your needs

  • Competitive rates

  • Customized insurance solutions

    Product Readiness Audit

    Is your product ready for export? This is one of the biggest questions an exporter needs to answer before their product enters the international market. Our export-import experts will audit whether the product meets all the export procedures and compliance policies. They will highlight the areas of non-compliance, critical areas or violations and even suggest the best practices to ensure global conformity of the product.

    Benefits of Product Readiness Audit

  • Reduce the chances of products getting rejecting.

  • Early identification of areas of improvement

  • Compliance of products with international trade laws.

  • Create a step by step plan to Reach Export Readiness

  • Help in getting prepared for selling internationally

  • Expand Export Sales

  • Gain Expertise, Knowledge Transfer

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