Import Export Company

 Import Export Company

What is Import Export Company? 

company means a group of individuals to engage in and operate a business enterprise in a commercial or industrial capacity. Each company must be a legal entity. An Import Export Company thus can be a trading company or a manufacturing company. A company involved in import export trade facilitates, trading of goods and commodities between domestic and foreign companies. Such trading companies buy goods internationally and ships them in their domestic market or sometimes trade goods in another foreign company.

A manufacturing company is usually involved in export of manufactured merchandise to a foreign buyer. A manufacturing company can also import raw material or goods in semi knocked down condition (SKD) or completely knocked down condition (CKD) for manufacturing or assembly of relevant products for sale within or outside their domestic periphery.

There are other companies involved in Import Export business by not being directly as traders or manufacturers. Such companies in Import Export business can either be logistics companies, shipping companies, freight forwarding companies, clearing and handling agents (CHAs) or in a superior form like A to Z service providers. A to Z service providers are unique and very low in numbers in the world. In other words it’s called SMART inclusive services as provided by EXIM Anything Ecart Private Limited.

A to Z services (inclusive services) companies take off maximum burden of an importer or/and exporter in any corner of the world to maintain a full-fledged office with massive manpower. Such companies offer “One Stop Solution” to Micro, Small, Medium or Corporate enterprises in their import export ventures.

Import and Export business code, registration and complexities

Export business is exciting and highly profitable. Nevertheless, there are major complexities that can be petrifying for those who are new and unfamiliar with domestic and other countries rules that are applicable to export business.  These rules and regulations are sometimes frustrating, time consuming and cause bottlenecks in the business. Considering at least two countries are necessary for any import or export business. One has to keep a track of various aspects that govern the import export business by the respective countries. An export consignment requires the right documentation, filling up of customs form, shipping procedures, following up of incoterms and trade laws. There are other non-specified hurdles like red-tapeism that can be shocking and hairsplitting. Even seasoned exporters, at times, find it hard to manage things which results in delayed shipment and loss in profits.

Things to consider for successful Import Export venture.

Any business requires some basic homework before setting the ball rolling. A research about the intended business (Import Export), market research, pre-feasibility report and a project report will help in setting up of the business. It would be wise to consult an expert or a company that has a team of experts to guide you through the process and navigate you into preparing a flawless system. Deliberations with a company involved in Import export services will speed up the process of forming a company and understanding the functioning of Export Import (EXIM) world. EXIM Anything has credibility of providing comprehensive services that inspire even many to get into Export Import business.

It is difficult to understand rules and regulations of EXIM of the countries around the globe. These rules change with the time without any intimation. To remain updated and understand new laws that also relate to currencies, shipping, customs, documentation, etc. one needs a massive infrastructure. The companies that provide comprehensive EXIM services are usually tech-enabled companies in B2B segment. Such services are providing massive relief to not only Micro, Small, Medium entrepreneurs but also to the corporate world including the Fortune 500 companies. The amazing part of such services is that it takes just a phone call to organize everything. These services have become so important and inspiring that a manufacturer or a trader who is or wants to get into EXIM business, doesn’t have to divert capital funds into the infrastructure, logistics and human resource but the same funds can be used as investment in Import export business.

What are “SMART” inclusive Services by EXIM Anything?

This is a new and unique concept introduced by EXIM Anything. The services include end-end export import services by a tech enabled B2B platform.  This kind of service relieves a company, which is involved in Export-Import business, from the stress of import export complexities as well as high cost of human resources. The following services are being provided 24x7.

  • Complete documentation guidance
  • Consultancy in decision making
  • Identify Export-Import market across the world.
  • Shipment solely via a secure freight forwarding portal.
  • Export anything around the globe via the fastest and safest route.
  • 24/7 customer support via calls, emails, and chats.
  • Cloud-based track n trace (High demand services)
  • Currency risks (High demand services)
  • Transit risks (High demand services)
  • Export restrictions
  • Cost reduction on exports (High demand services)
  • International commercial terms (Incomterm)
  • handle the Bill of Entry
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading/Airway Bill
  • Licensing (High demand services)
  • LC  (letter of credit)
  • Quality and quantity certifications (High demand services)
  • Certificate of Insurance and other export paperwork


EXIM opportunity for Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (MSMEs)

Government of India has drawn Export policy and target of $2 trillion for MSMEs that needs to be achieved by 2030. EXIM Anything’s relevant team shall guide you through the documentation and setting up of EXIM business in India.

Finance facility

EXIM Anything has certain financial institutions including NBFCs who can provide financial assistance based on merit. Our experts will provide consultancy and guidance in this regard. This is the right time to start a new venture in Import-Export business by the startups. Those who are already into the business can save on many aspects of their operational costs by choosing EXIM Anything as a comprehensive service provider. We are trying to make global business easy for one and all.



~Syed M Faredie~